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PBX packages for Business


Business Telecommunications Made Easy.If you own a business, you can connect your employees to each other and with your business clients, no matter where they are, with Voldcom 0capex Hosted PBX telephone solutions. This PBX Enterprise solution can create a virtual office for you by inter-connecting your main office, home offices, mobile workers and even your overseas offices, thereby improving your communication system. This ensures that you can communicate with your employees or partners at their extensions at no minute charge. The Voldcom Ocapex Hosted PBX telephone system will enable easy, organized and faster corporate communications and contribute to the smooth flowing of your business.


Web Based Operator Panel
Call Queues
Call Recording
Call Reporting
Maximum 100 SIP extensions
Voice Mail
Time Based Call Routing
Inbound Fax to Email
Click to Call
24X7 Technical Support Service

Bundled Offer
5 outbound channels with Unlimited Calls to USA & Canada *
One US Phone Number with 2 roll Over channels *

Monthly Rental – US$.200.00
Basic** Setup-Fee – US$.100.00
+ You can purchase additional inbound Phone Numbers or additional outbound channels to suit your requirement

Package Price: US$