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About Voldcom


Voldcom offers easy to use, reliable and low cost home and business telecommunication solutions which include internet phone service plans that utilize your existing high speed internet connection.


With our VoIP call services, we connect individuals and businesses across the world or even within a country, with a highly reliable communication service. Voldcom offers VoIP call services in the regions of USA, Canada, UK, Italy, Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Asia. Our team includes highly experienced engineers and customer service personnel who are ready to help you with any questions you may have.

  Benefits in using our VoIP services:

• Enjoy a low and fixed fee
• Choose from several packages for home and office telecommunication services
• You can carry your phone with number and all facilities, when Roaming
• Standard office PBX replacement with capability to connect extensions anywhere in the world.
• Higher quality alternative calls to regular land phones in USA, Canada, UK, Italy, Australia,  Hong Kong, New Zealand
• Free connectivity between any two-multi locations in any country (with internet).

What’s more, when using Voldcom VoIP calls, you DON’T have to dial extra numbers or follow special instructions each time you make a call, nor do you need to keep the computer switched on.


How do I make a VoIP call via Voldcom?

All you need to do when making ca VoIP call via Voldcom, is to use a standard phone device to make and receive calls.   

When you make the VoIP call and speak into the microphone, Voldcom converts the sound into data, sends it via the internet, and converts it back into sound at the receivers’ end. The people you talk with will never know the difference because a VoIP call sounds just like a regular phone call.